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data.parliament is a platform that enables the sharing of UK Parliament’s data with consumers both within and outside of Parliament. Designed to complement existing data services it aims to be the central publishing platform and data repository for data that is produced by Parliament. This is our initial ‘alpha’ release.

data.parliament provides both a repository for data and a Linked Data API. The platform’s ‘shop front’ or data catalogue can be found here

Data is organised into Datasets. For the alpha we are testing our public facing components with a limited number of datasets: Commons and Lords Parliamentary Questions and Answers, Lords Divisions and Briefing Papers. We are really at the beginning for this external service, but our focus is to provide as much useful data on the platform as possible, as quickly as possible and to be guided by user feedback.

A quick start tutorial is provided here, and several blog posts can be found on how to find, consume and play with the data. We welcome your feedback as it will help us improve the service.

From the data.parliament development team

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