How data.parliament provides its API capabilities

data.parliament uses an open source product called ELDA to provide a configurable way to access RDF data using simple RESTful URLs that are translated into queries to a SPARQL endpoint. The majority of Data in data.parliament is exposed as RDF. RDF or the Resource Description Framework is a general framework for how to describe any Internet resource but within Parliamentary data it is used as a means to describe data in a uniform way. Parliamentary data is gathered and created through a number of separate systems, each storing their data in a unique way. For parliament RDF is not only a method by which exposing APIs to this data, but a way of managing and maintaining data consistency throughout the application landscape.

SPARQL is the RDF equivalent of SQL for relational databases (although nothing like SQL), it allows developers to query RDF.

Find more information about RDF here and SPARQL here.

To Access our ELDA enabled end-points click here: The Quick Start Guide is also a good place to start.

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