Introducing Briefing Papers

The data provides access to research briefings produced by the Libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).
There are two ways of retrieving data from the platform

Method 1) Retrieving data directly by consuming atom feeds and resources.

To get a feed of all new research briefings as they are published you can subscribe to the following ATOM feed (like RSS) here:

This will bring back a list of resources ordered by the latest published first within that dataset. Resource information is then accessed individually.

Each item within the feed represents a resource, a resource being a collection of documents and metadata about a briefing paper.

For example will bring back a JSON representation of the resource, what it is and the files associated with it.

Method 2) Retrieving data directly by calling the Linked Data APIs

Navigate to On this page you can easily search, filter and sort data with the controls on the page. NOTE: The URL at the top changes as your query criteria does. This URL can be used to GET data and can be used as the basis of retrieving data through the APIs. To change the format of your output, simply click on the formatters. Data can be consumed in CSV, JSON, XML, RDF and HTML.

There are other endpoints available to use and these are listed here

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