Looking to the future

Our alpha is live and we’ve made several changes over the past week. These include some minor bug fixes and greater consistency in the look and feel. We are now focused on providing more data, which is after all is the goal. On the near horizon are Commons Divisions, Lords Divisions and Votes and Proceedings  data.

We met with internal and external (public) users in the run up to the initial release and people have been very positive and helpful, offering some significant insights on how our data should be arranged and then shared. We’ve also had some great suggestions and public support since the service went live. We’re going to keep up the consultation and roll our learning and new user needs into the service as we progress. Feedback will help us to improve the service. People can submit feedback in a number of ways; Twitter @UKparlidata, comment on this blog or email us.

Also, the quick start guide found here, can be used as a starting point or simply navigate to one of our API endpoints for example and start using the data.

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