Swipee Swipee – Our #AccHack14 submission!

Swipee Swipee will is a tinder-style application which presents the User with the text of a succession of Early Day Motions EDMs together with the portrait of the primary sponsor. The user swipes towards green or red to indicate whether they would or wouldn’t support each EDM. After each EDM is swiped the application displays the name of the MP who has the most matches in common with the User. After the User has done this for an arbitrary number of EDMs the application will give them the option of continuing for another set of questions or scoring their answers. When their answers are scored the application will present the user with a list of their closest MP matches.

The idea of the application is to allow users to judge how their own views match those of an MP, Party or Cause. Further iterations would do the same for other contributions by Members of Parliament, including debates, divisions, written and oral questions. Users may be able to judge their own MPs views as opposed to their own.

The team:

Wojciech Stawiarski
Faisal Gazi
Sayed al-Hadad
Paul Fisher
Alan Bedford
Zeid Hadi

The code can be found here:
Special thanks to the KAT team supporting us this weekend + all those on the DDP Team Past and Present!

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