Data and APIs available for the Accountability Hack 2015

National Audit Office, Office of National Statistics and Parliament are holding a joint hack event to look at how they use each others information; what their users want to do with their data and information; and how to improve what they do online.

So here is a helpful list of APIs and data-sources for the event using data.parliament.
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Remember even if you wish to use a dataset that is not yet available live, you can use the API help in get an idea of what can be possible if the data was available.

Released Datasets

Commons Oral Questions and Question Times Q&A Daily Report (Commons)
Thesaurus Answering Bodies
Papers Laid Commons Divisions
Current Early Day Motions Commons Members
Historic  Early Day Motions Lords Members
Sessions Data Commons Written Statements
Lords Written Questions Lords Written Statements
Commons Written Questions Constituencies
Briefing Papers Elections
Lords Divisions Bills (Metadata)
Q&A Daily Report (Lords)


Datasets waiting for release.

Development of these data sets is complete, but they are in a queue waiting for release to live. These releases are dependent on limited staff time along with several other projects and applications.

Commons Select Committees Terms Enhancement
Committee Written Evidence ​Av Live Logging
Committee Oral Evidence e-petitions
Deposited Papers Hansard Lords Debates
Lords Attendance Hansard Commons Debates
Lords Items of Business Hansard Commons Written Ministerial Statements
Lords Oral Questions Hansard Lords Written Ministerial Statements
Members Name DBPedia Enhancement Hansard Commons General Committees
​Private Bills Witnesses Hansard Lords Grand Committees
​Public Petitions Hansard Commons Westminster Hall
​European Scrutiny Hansard Commons Petitions
Hansard Commons Corrections


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