The Register of Members’ Financial Interests

Questions have been asked about the availability of MPs Register of Financial Interests as open data. The register is available here , albeit not in an open data format. Last year a project was started, and successfully concluded in transferring and categorising this data into the members management information system – where data.parliament gets its members information from.

It was hoped that this will be then taken by data.parliament and published in an open data format. However when we looked into the schema and data we found that the application was transforming the data incorrectly to our schema, and hence we have to wait for fixes to the application before publishing the data. As you can imagine prematurely publishing incorrectly categorised data in an open data format is something that we wish to avoid. The data.parliament team have been waiting for a fix date and we have been advised that the members information system and data.parliament will have the correctly categorised data by the end of March. Until then the data can be downloaded here.

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